Alika Kee - My story - Buhay

A new beginning

I was born and raised in the Philippines. Like thousands of unfortunate Filipino children, I experienced first hand what it's like to have no shoes on my feet, playing in the filthy and unsanitary streets. Growing up in two different orphanages and one foster home wasn't ideal for any children to be raised up. While I was living in the orphanage, we would sometimes get visitors. Like many Asian cultures, taking off your shoes in the entry is the proper thing to do. Through these visits, I was introduced to shoes, not my own, but rather from strangers. I was so fascinated by the construction and the details of the different shoes, and began to study them from an early age. I was hooked. 

At the age of 10, I was adopted by an amazing American family. I later realized that I was given another chance in life. Today, I want to devote my life to give back to my birth country with a product that can promote a healthier living environment for the Filipinos. My personal story, the hardship that I endured, and the fact that millions of children are experiencing similar hardships, is what drives the passion behind Buhay.